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My name is Simon, I’m a hobby photographer who created Vic Pics in August of 2014.  I had the idea when I first saw the new internet domain extensions, such as dot-pics (instead of the usual dot-com, dot-net, etc), and thought the vic.pics  domain would be a great way to showcase my home state of Victoria (Australia), and give me another excuse to take more photographs. 

All pictures are hosted on a stand-alone gallery site (using the SmugMug platform).  Images featured in the Vic Pics Blog are embedded into WordPress directly from the Gallery.

If you have any questions or comments relating to Vic Pics, you can send an email to mail@vic.pics , or reach out on social media;

All photographs in the Gallery are available for sale printed or via digital download, any watermarks will be removed before printing or download.

If you’re thinking about purchasing, the Gallery About page has a SmugMug video to guide you through the process.

Simon Yeo



  • Due to work commitments, health issues, surgery and hospital stays, I haven’t been able to put much work into Vic Pics for the second half of 2016.  
    With my health and medical issues out of the way now, I’ve been able to tweek the site design and I’m all set to start sharing pics from all over Victoria again throughout 2017.



  • Upgraded the entire site to a new full width responsive theme.



  • The default web address for blog posts has been simplified, the URL (know as the slug or permalink) is now simply www.vic.pics/title, rather than the old www.vic.pics/2015/12/31/title.
  • A WordPress PlugIn has been installed to insure any old links still work.
  • For a real example, the post originally published to www.vic.pics/2015/11/11/flagstaff-hill-lookout is now on-line at www.vic.pics/flagstaff-hill-lookout, but that old URL will still work and is automatically re-directed to the shorter version.



  • Our separate Melbourne and Pakenham blogs have been merged into the latest, new look, Vic Pics site. 

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