Melbourne’s Sky Rail project

Sky Rail construction over Clayton Road

Metro train crosses Clayton Road below Sky Rail construction

One of the biggest and unique construction projects in Melbourne at the moment is Sky Rail.

Throughout Melbourne, the government is removing railway level crossings that cause traffic bottlenecks along major roads.  In many cases the construction solution has been a stand alone bridge or tunnel to replace each level crossing.

Space constraints along the Cranbourne-Pakenham line have required an innovative construction solution.  Sky Rail will be a continuous overhead railway line between Caulfield and Dandenong that will replace nine level crossings and five train stations.

Sky Rail construction at Clayton

Sky Rail construction beside the existing railway line at Clayton

There has been a lot of community resistance to the Sky Rail project, due to the privacy concerns of train passengers looking down into residential back yards.  Opponents to invasive railway bridges campaigned for a tunnel instead, however the government claimed Sky Rail to be the only viable option and construction is now well under way.

I’m not here to take sides in any Sky Rail debate, but I will admire the engineering required to construct the project and photograph the work to share here.

I recently visited the railway corridor between Clayton and Centre Roads in Clayton.  It was a wet and gloomy day, but interesting to see the progress of this major Melbourne infrastructure project.

Sky Rail construction at Centre Road Clayton

Metro train crosses Centre Road below Sky Rail construction

Traffic waits for a Metro train to cross Clayton Road

Check out the Gallery for more photos…

I’m looking forward to getting back here again to photograph the sites once construction is complete and the area underneath Sky Rail is opened up to the community.

Middle of the road

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Sunday morning

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, looking west towards Carlton.

Street photography early on a Sunday morning, especially during the holiday season when there’s not much traffic around, can allow you to literally photograph the street.  Standing in the middle of the road and pointing the camera down the white line, or tram tracks, can provide a different perspective in the city or inner suburbs where the usuall hustle and bustle would have you dodging busy traffic.

The street photos in this post where taken this week along Gertrude and Johnston Streets in Fitzroy and Collingwood.

Johnston Street, Collingwood on Sunday morning.

Johnston Street, Collingwood, looking east.

Johnston Street, Collingwood on Sunday morning

Johnston Street, Collingwood, looking west.

Rain clouds clear over Johnston Street Fitzroy, looking east.

Rain clouds clear over Johnston Street Fitzroy.

Collingwood mural updated

Screenshot showing blog post about crazy zebra mural in Collingwood comitioned by Crazy Domains

Our Crazy Zebra blog post from July

Back in July we showed you this street art on the corner of Johnston and Campbell Streets in Collingwood, showing a mural of zebras and the Melbourne skyline (reportedly commissioned by Crazy Domains to promote the new dot-melbourne web address).  A few weeks later I drove past and saw the zebras had been painted over, with the artist working on something new.

Five months later I’ve finally managed to get back to check out the updated work.

The Melbourne skyline remains, but the zebras are long gone (along with any reference to Crazy Domains or dot-Melbourne).  The mural now features what appears to be a half mechanical mutant winged kangaroo in-front of a red ocean and sunken ship.  I know my description sounds a bit weird, but it actually looks pretty good.

The original Vic Pics blog from July.
Vic Pics Gallery featuring the Crazy Zebra photos.
Vic Pics Gallery featuring the mutant kangaroo photos.

Mutant winged kangaroo replaced crazy zebras on this Fitzroy mural

Mutant winged kangaroo mural

Link to July screenshot HERE.

Albert Park Lake

A cyclist rides along Ross Gregory Drive, the St Kilda end of Albert Park Lake with a view of the Melbourne skyline.

A cyclist rides along Ross Gregory Drive, the St Kilda end of Albert Park Lake.

A stones throw from the Melbourne CBD, Albert Park Lake is one of our city’s largest public parks.

We recently went for a stroll around the lake, see the full gallery HERE.

Please remember that our native Black Swans are currently raising their young on Albert Park Lake.

Please remember that our native Black Swans are currently raising their young.

Sailing on Albert Park Lake with an awesome view of the Melbourne city skyline.

Sailing on Albert Park Lake with an awesome view of the Melbourne skyline.

Public park land beside Melbourne's Albert Park Lake.

Public park land beside Albert Park Lake.

Frankston Pier

Frankston Pier - Welcome sign

“Welcome to Frankston Pier”, looking towards Olivers Hill

A couple of months ago I shared some photos here of the Frankston waterfront at the foot of Olivers Hill.  It was still Winter and there weren’t many people around.  This week I was a little further up the beach at Frankston Pier, and the mouth of Kananook Creek.  It’s now Spring time, the weather is warming up, and there were plenty of people out and about last weekend, on the pier, the beach and even in the water!

Check out the pictures below, or see the full gallery HERE.

Frankston Pier, Frankston Beach and waterfront

Beach and Pier at Frankston

Scuba divers on Frankston Pier

Clear waters looking towards Olivers Hill, Frankston

Clear waters looking towards Olivers Hill from Frankston Pier

Frankston Boat Ramp

Keep Clear - Frankston Boat Ramp - Winter

Frankston Boat Ramp

During the Summer this is one of the busiest bay beaches to launch your boat, but right now (in the middle of Winter) things are a little different.

When I stopped at Frankston beach yesterday there was no boat trailers juggling for position, just a few cars with people having their morning coffee in the drivers seat before continuing on with their day.

I was the only one silly enough to get out of my car and go for a walk (despite the Sun shining, there was still a cold wind coming off Port Phillip Bay).

Small jetty beside the boat ramp, at the bottom of Olivers Hill, Frankston.

Small jetty beside the Frankston boat ramp, at the bottom of Olivers Hill.