Little Bourke Street, between Exhibition and Swanston Streets, is Melbourne’s Chinatown. For one of our city’s “Little” streets, Chinatown can get pretty busy.  I spent a couple of hours exploring the area one morning between Christmas and New Years, joining many other camera wielding pedestrians in a great part of our wonderful city.

My photos from this visit to Little Bourke Street are saved to the usual “December 2015” folder in the Vic Pics Gallery, but I’ve also created a Chinatown collage page that should pickup any photo with the “Chinatown” keyword, including from future photo shoots I will do in the area.
The collage page can be found at

Melbourne's Chinatown - Little Bourke Street

Chinatown – Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Entrance to Chinatown, Melbourne

Entrance to Chinatown

Long exposure in the city

1/4 second long exposure blurs the tram passing Little Bourke & Swanston Streets.

1/4 second exposure blurs the tram passing Little Bourke & Swanston Streets.

Image stabilisation on modern cameras can allow the photographer to be creative with long exposure, without the need for a cumbersome tri-pod to keep the camera still.  Even some new entry level cameras now come with five-axis stabilisation to counteract hand movement in every direction.

These photos were taken on the corner of Swanston and Little Bourke Streets, Melbourne, using an Olympus OMD E-M 10 Mk2 (hand held) with 1/4 second exposure to blur the passing tram (top) or pedestrians (below).  Just a few years ago these shots would have required a much more expensive DSLR camera and tri-pod.

The Olympus mirror-less camera is also much smaller and lighter than traditional DSLR cameras, ideal for the discrete street photography you often see here on Vic Pics.

Crowds on Swanston Street, Melbourne

Crowds on Swanston Street
Olympus OMD E-M 10 Mk2, 1/4 second exposure

Christmas in Melbourne

Lego Christmas Tree, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Lego Christmas Tree, Federation Square, Melbourne

The City of Melbourne does a terrific job of bringing the Christmas spirit to town.  The Lego Christmas Tree display in Federation Square is certainly a little different, but amazing to see up close.  Head up Swanston Street to the City Square, and you’ll find a more traditional display, and around town there are Christmas Soldiers (that’s the name I’ve given them) watching the people of Melbourne in the lead up to Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Soldier stands guard over the Christmas Tree at Melbourne's City Square

Christmas Soldier stands guard at Melbourne’s City Square

A Christmas Soldier on Collins Street, Melbourne

A Christmas Soldier on Collins Street

AFL Grand Final Parade

Grand Final Parade gets underway onto Spring Street from the Old Treasurey Building

Grand Final Parade gets underway onto Spring Street

One of the biggest days on the Victorian sporting calendar kicks off later this afternoon, the AFL Grand Final at the MCG.  Traditionally the Friday before the Grand Final both teams playing in the Grand Final are paraded down Melbourne streets and city workers would come out on their lunch breaks to see the stars.  This year, for the first time, Grand Final Eve is a public holiday and thousands of people flocked to the city to see the Hawthorn and West Coast players slowly make their way in the back of utes from the city to the MCG.

We were amongst the crowd yesterday as the motorcade began at Spring Street and followed along Wellington Parade to the MCG and Yarra Park.

Uniacke Court Murals

Wonder down King Street, Melbourne, and if you glance down the driveway of number 225 you’ll see a leopard starring back at you – well a leopard mural that is, painted on the doors of an old Telecom Goods Entrance.

Look down the driveway of 225 King Street Melbourne to see a Leopard mural stare back at you

225 King Street, Melbourne

With my interest captured by the Leopard, I had to look a bit closer.  Uniacke Court runs behind 225 King Street, and like many of Melbourne’s lane ways, features some pretty spectacular street art murals.

Leopard and Girl murals, Uniacke Crt

Flower girl murals at the start of Uniacke Crt

Uniacke Crt road sign looking towards large girl mural at the end

Leopard and girl murals on old Goods Entrance in Uniacke Crt

Looking down Uniacke Crt., past bins, towards large girl mural

Winter Gardens

Flagstaff Gardens, Winter

Melbourne’s Flagstaff Gardens in Winter

Many people say that Autumn or Spring are the best seasons to see our parks and gardens.  True, the Autumn colours can look spectacular, but I also like walking through the city parks in Winter.  Without much foliage on the trees you can see all around, the city buildings become a back drop to the skeletal trees.  The grass is green from the Winter rains, with a scattering of orange and yellow leaves dancing around in the breeze.  With a little but of sunshine breaking through the clouds, I think the city parks and gardens in Winter can look just as nice as during the warmer months.

The picture above is taken in the Melbourne Flagstaff Gardens, looking towards the intersection of La Trobe and King Streets, in late June.

More Winter Flagstaff pics in this Gallery –