McGregor Road duplication

Duplication works on McGregor Rd

It has been a long time coming, but the works to duplicate McGregor Road, Pakenham, north of the train line, are now well under way.  The road south of the railway was made dual carriage some time ago, however the north section was delayed due to the underground services that needed to be moved and planning for future NBN cable rollout.

The works should be completed by the end of 2014.

Progress pictures can be seen here –

This should be dual carriage way by the end of 2014

2011 Floods

In February 2011, Victoria had received a deluge of drought breaking rain.  Nearby Koo Wee Rup was evacuated as creeks and drains in the area overflowed, while here in Pakenham the Princes Highway, and many surrounding streets, were under water.  Residents of King Street had water lapping at their doorsteps, with any waves from traffic in the street causing water to enter some homes.

One of the deepest Pakenham floodings was around the intersection of The Avenue and Princes Highway.  Some drivers turned away, others drove through without a care, while the local kids had a bit of a splash – sometimes dangerously close to drains.  Within a few hours those drains had caught up and the water was gone, but I managed to snap a few pics of these unusual scenes in Pakenham.

Flooding in The Avenue, Pakenham – Feb 2011

Pakenham Freeway Bypass Walk

We all take the Pakenham Bypass for granted these days, it’s just a matter of negotiating a few round-abouts and we’re on the freeway at 100 clicks to where ever we need to go.  It’s not too long ago, however, that it was a different story.  Up until late 2007, most trips involved lots of traffic lights and a slower crawl along the Princes Highway.  In December of that year both locals, and those who pass through, celebrated the opening of the new freeway.

Before the Pakenham Bypass opened, locals were invited to go for a walk along a section of the new freeway.  Despite the hot weather, hundreds of people took the opportunity to walk the dotted line.  See the photos in our gallery here –

Walking the Pakenham Bypass prior to its opening.