Screenshot showing blog post about crazy zebra mural in Collingwood comitioned by Crazy Domains

Our Crazy Zebra blog post from July

Back in July we showed you this street art on the corner of Johnston and Campbell Streets in Collingwood, showing a mural of zebras and the Melbourne skyline (reportedly commissioned by Crazy Domains to promote the new dot-melbourne web address).  A few weeks later I drove past and saw the zebras had been painted over, with the artist working on something new.

Five months later I’ve finally managed to get back to check out the updated work.

The Melbourne skyline remains, but the zebras are long gone (along with any reference to Crazy Domains or dot-Melbourne).  The mural now features what appears to be a half mechanical mutant winged kangaroo in-front of a red ocean and sunken ship.  I know my description sounds a bit weird, but it actually looks pretty good.

The original Vic Pics blog from July.
Vic Pics Gallery featuring the Crazy Zebra photos.
Vic Pics Gallery featuring the mutant kangaroo photos.

Mutant winged kangaroo replaced crazy zebras on this Fitzroy mural

Mutant winged kangaroo mural

Link to July screenshot HERE.