Landscape Mural Factory

Apr 1, 2017 | Buildings

Landscape mural factory from the freeway at Pakenham

If you’re travelling east on the Princes Freeway through Pakenham, take a look at the industrial estate on your right just after McGregor Road.  There’s a factory on the edge of the estate painted with a landscape mural.  It’s just grass and sky, but it blends in with the grassed vacant land next door.  In some conditions, from certain angles, the factory can appear to be almost invisible!

Head into the industrial estate for a closer look at the property (occupied by MegaWeCare, a life sciences company) and you will see that even the wire boundary fence has been painted grass green to ensure the camouflage illusion isn’t interrupted.

This factory in Pakenham blends in with the surrounding grass lands
The landscape mural on the side of a Pakenham factory

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