Yes, it’s been some time since the last post here at Vic Pics, but we are still here!

Now that the footy seasons have finished, there’s more weekend time to get out and about photographing Victoria.  Let’s kick off with something historic…

Last Steam Train at Wycheproof

Oct 9, 2017 | Railway, Regional, Transport

Wycheproof is a unique town, because the railway line runs along the medium strip of the main street.  You may recall I wrote about the Wycheproof railway in January, and that the line is used mostly during harvest season for grain trains.

To better utilise regional railways, the authorities have decided this line will be changed from Broad Gauge to Standard Gauge.  Once the track change has been completed, Broad Guage rolling stock and historic tourist steam locomotives wont be able to visit the area.

Last weekend Steamrail Victoria sent the last ever Broad Gauge steam train to Wycheproof.  This historic train visit was met by a big turn out of locals and tourists to see the recently restored A2-986 steam locomotive rumble down the main street.

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