Key tag Melbourne sign at Queen Victoria Market, facing Victoria Street

The “Melbourne” sign at the Queen Victoria Market

Key-tags colouring in the Melbourne sign at QVM

On the Victoria Street side of the Queen Vic Market, there’s a giant “Melbourne” sign (shown above in front of their Christmas Tree).  The interior of each letter that spells out “Melbourne” is a wire grid, and attached to that wire through-out the sign are hundreds of key-tags.

I expected the key tags to have love messages, (like those engraved on padlocks attached to bridge railings) but almost every tag has a message about Melbourne.

These messages are fascinating, I don’t know whether this is a promotional campaign or if they are genuine random notes from the public who like our city.  Every tag had a positive message about Melbourne in either a funny or friendly way, they were all politically correct with nothing unsuitable for the thousands of families and kids who walk past here.

My son and I spent considerable time reading, laughing and photographing these tags.  There’s a few pics below of the key tag messages, with more in the Gallery HERE.

I love the city (heart) Esther

Living in Melbourne for five years - we love it!

Melbourne love of footy