Melbourne’s Sky Rail project

Dec 10, 2017 | Melbourne Suburbs, Railway, Transport

Sky Rail construction over Clayton Road

Metro train crosses Clayton Road below Sky Rail construction

One of the biggest and unique construction projects in Melbourne at the moment is Sky Rail.

Throughout Melbourne, the government is removing railway level crossings that cause traffic bottlenecks along major roads.  In many cases the construction solution has been a stand alone bridge or tunnel to replace each level crossing.

Space constraints along the Cranbourne-Pakenham line have required an innovative construction solution.  Sky Rail will be a continuous overhead railway line between Caulfield and Dandenong that will replace nine level crossings and five train stations.

Sky Rail construction at Clayton

Sky Rail construction beside the existing railway line at Clayton

There has been a lot of community resistance to the Sky Rail project, due to the privacy concerns of train passengers looking down into residential back yards.  Opponents to invasive railway bridges campaigned for a tunnel instead, however the government claimed Sky Rail to be the only viable option and construction is now well under way.

I’m not here to take sides in any Sky Rail debate, but I will admire the engineering required to construct the project and photograph the work to share here.

I recently visited the railway corridor between Clayton and Centre Roads in Clayton.  It was a wet and gloomy day, but interesting to see the progress of this major Melbourne infrastructure project.

Sky Rail construction at Centre Road Clayton

Metro train crosses Centre Road below Sky Rail construction

Traffic waits for a Metro train to cross Clayton Road

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I’m looking forward to getting back here again to photograph the sites once construction is complete and the area underneath Sky Rail is opened up to the community.