Night Time Silo Art (Sheep Hills)

Mar 8, 2018 | Regional

I first visited the Silo Art murals at Sheep Hills in February 2017, and again earlier this year as part of the Silo Art Trail.  As the Sheep Hills mural features star trails painted onto the silos, I thought I’d head there over night to attempt to capture those silos in my own star trail photo.

Unfortunately, neither of the two long exposure star trail shots I set up at Sheep Hills worked out, but I did manage to get some regular shots while I was there.  At first the only lighting was from my headlights, and the stars.  Once the moon had risen, however, there was just enough light to capture the silos with a background of twinkling stars.

Silo Art murals under the stars at Sheep Hills

For more photos of the Sheep Hills silo art murals, check out this page – – in the Vic Pics Gallery.  The night time shots are towards the end.