One Tree Hill lookout, Ararat

Apr 22, 2017 | Regional

If you’re travelling along the Western Highway (the main route between Melbourne and Adelaide) through Ararat, keep an eye out for the “Lookout” sign that will direct you to One Tree Hill.  Sometimes these lookout detours are a waste of time, but often they can give you an amazing perspective of the country side that you would never see from the main highway.

My son and I were driving to Adelaide and had stopped for breakfast in Ararat.  On the way out of town we saw the “Lookout” sign and I was really happy with what we found at the top of One Tree Hill.  Under a clear sky and bright Sun we could see the low lying misty fog that we had just driven through.  In fact we had an almost 360 degree view of the Wimmera and Western District landscape.

Generally you shouldn’t photograph directly into the sun, but rules are meant to be broken.  In this case the Sun highlighted the fog below and gave our view some perspective.  Check out the gallery from One Tree Hill for more shots from this great lookout.

Sun on the left from One Tree Hill, Ararat
Morning view from One Tree Hill, Ararat

The early morning view from One Tree Hill