White Night Melbourne 2016, National Gallery Victoria

Crowds enjoy the light show on the wall of the National Gallery, during White Night

Last Saturday night (and early Sunday morning) was White Night Melbourne, “…a dusk ‘til dawn celebration of culture and creativity via lighting, exhibitions, street performances, film, music, dance and interactive events taking place in the streets and laneways, parklands, public spaces and cultural institutions of Melbourne” (quoted from their website).  I spent 8 hours through the night exploring our city and White Night between the National Gallery on St Kilda Road to the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.  During this time I managed to take over 1100 photographs and I will be processing the best shots over the next few days.

I will be posting more photos in future blog posts, but in the mean time you can check out our White Night Gallery, which will continue to grow as I process more photos from the night.