Wycheproof railway runs along the middle of the main street

Jan 8, 2017 | Railway, Regional, Roads

Traffic management is a little unusual in Wycheproof, in central-west Victoria.  The railway line runs along the middle of the main street, known as Broadway to the locals, but it’s also the Calder Highway, the main route between Melbourne and Mildura.

The railway crosses half the highway at the southern end of Wycheproof. It passes through many cross-over roads through the town.  At the northern end of town it crosses the other half of the highway.  Despite all of these crossings, there are no boom-gates, no warning lights or bells.

You might say those tracks must be old and that there is no way so many unprotected railway crossings in the middle of a large town would be allowed in 2017.  However, locals tell me there are still regular trains passing through the town, especially during the wheat harvest season (December-January).  It’s actually very safe, as the trains are highly visible, very loud, and are restricted to very slow speed as they pass though Wycheproof.  Apparently, there has not been a single train related accident in Wycheproof for over 100 years.

Wycheproof railway runs along the middle of the main street

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