Wycheproof star and light trails

Jan 9, 2017 | Star Trails

Yesterday I told you about Wycheproof, where the railway runs along the middle of the main street.  After dinner in Wycheproof Fiday night, I decided to have a go at capturing star trails again (like I promised when I showed you star trails over Pakenham).

My first long exposure composite in Wycheproof began just after sunset, so the sky was a little too light.  There was also a lot of traffic that created too many headlight trails.  My second attempt produced much clearer star trails in a darker sky, with a lot less traffic that didn’t turn in-front of me or overwhelm the image.

Check out the Wycheproof night photos below, or the gallery page.

Wycheproof early evening long exposure

A light sky and too much traffic in this long exposure

Wycheproof late evening long exposure

A darker sky and less traffic resulted in a nicer star trail image